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Who hasn’t come home some ultra hot South Florida day, walked over to the thermostat, ready to lower the boom on the room, and drop the temperature to penguin level, only to find that the AC is already on – but the temperature doesn’t say cool? Sure, we’ve all been hit with an AC Outage or a loss of heat on one of those rare winter days when heat isn’t so much a life style choice as it is a necessity.

And of course its a holiday or a long weekend when you find yourself scrambling to find, some company, any company that is prepared to send even the second string. Needless to say, that adventure comes with the additional surprise …a hefty penalty price. But whether its the long Fourth of July weekend or just a late Friday afternoon, exactly who and how much are not usually the first consideration.  So give us a call now 772-905-3407  and avoid the discomfort.

How much better would it be, if your scheduled service visit had found the problem as part of their regular maintenance and preempted that miserable 90 degree weekend experience, especially one that comes along with a painful assault on your checkbook.

Well AIR TEMP of Port St. Lucie has a fix for that, why not pre-empt that noise and take advantage of this cool deal –  Call us now 772-905-3407 – and JOIN THE PROGRAM! We know, we’ve been there, and we have found a great way to save our customers with this pain-free solution.  Our comprehensive program provide this and more. We at AIR TEMP call this our PRIORITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PROGRAM.

Our comprehensive maintenance plan not only saves you money, but it prolongs the effective life of your equipment. Our Program of Maintenance provides our customers, same day service, and priority customer status.  Its nice to be at the head of the line (RIGHT?) Beyond a years worth of filters and regular equipment inspections, you also get the additional benefit of clean air and better energy value.

Now that your equipment is getting regular maintenance checks twice a year, and nuisance breakdowns are typically avoided, you have the peace of mind that you won’t be surprised by a sudden unexpected equipment breakdown. Your equipment could also be maintained and evaluated year round.  Click to  download our maintenance agreement form  (here)

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