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Common Air Conditioner Issues

Most people would probably agree that their air conditioner is one of the important investments for their home or their office. Unlike simple appliances found in their home, it must be kept in excellent condition, especially during the summer months. This can save them from experiencing stifling heat. With repair and regular maintenance, an a/c unit can be kept running for a very long time.

Just like any other appliance, air conditioners are susceptible to problems. One of the usual issues with an air conditioning system is improper operation. When this happens it can lead not only to possible air conditioner damage but also to costly utility bills. For this reason alone, it’s crucial  to know that the a/c is being used properly.

Another common air conditioner problem is damage due to faulty installation. That’s why, it’s best to rely on the services of expert technicians from a reliable air conditioning company that know how to install an air conditioner properly. Also, inadequate maintenance and poor service procedures lead to air conditioner damage. To avoid these common problems, work with a company that you can trust. It may cost more upfront, but it’ll save you money down the line.

Air conditioner units with low refrigerants often have refrigerator leaks or are undercharged during installation. If the AC system is leaking, adding refrigerant is not the right solution. For this, hiring a well-trained technician is the answer. They can help you in fix the leak, charge the AC system with right amount of refrigerant and make sure your air conditioner is in good condition when they leave.

Other common problems of air conditioners include electric control failure, sensor problems and drainage problems.  In order to avoid these issues, schedule regular maintenance check ups on the unit. This helps identify common problems and allows you to get them repaired that same day. Think of it is paying to avoid large problems in the future. You see, your air conditioner is a complex appliance and it works in the form of a cycle. It begins with the process of compression of the refrigerant which causes it to heat up and thus become a pressurized gas. The gas is then sent through coils to disperse the heat of the air and then it changes the chemical into a liquid substance. The chemical then goes into an evaporator coil where it again gets converted into cold vapor. The heat of the air is thus absorbed and the air that is cooled is spread throughout the room or the building. When any part of this process is disturbed, your a/c stops working. That’s why a little maintenance goes along way.

Having a functional air conditioner delivers reliable cooling that can keep your home or work space comfortable. Your air conditioner only runs well when it’s properly maintened and repaired. To ensure your a/c unit works well for years to come, always hire a competent repairman who has years experience working on your a/c make and model. They’ll get the job done right the first time.

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