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Are AC and HVAC the Same Thing?

AC and HVAC systems are typically referenced as the same thing, meaning your whole house ventilation system. However, you may only have heard of the AC unit being a system that cools a hot room, or of your HVAC system playing a role in your water heater. As a homeowner, it’s important to know the difference between the two. While they’re generally under the same umbrella, they have different qualities that will help you detect issuesbefore you can think, “I need AC maintenance near me.”

The AC

The AC, or air conditioning unit, is the key element to sweeping unwanted heat out of your home. During those hot and humid summer months, you can find yourself resting comfortably in an air-conditioned room with no worries about perspiration, so long as you have AC. Though common now, it wasn’t until 1914, and well after electricity had been discovered, that a man from Minnesota (Charles Gilbert Gates)  invented the machine we know and love today – the air conditioning unit. Related to the HVAC, your AC unit runs in unison with the air quality of your home. Your AC will cool your home whether you have a window unit or central air.

The HVAC System

By definition, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Your HVAC system deals with cooling and heating, such as your air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. You’re probably familiar with the two basic types of AC units: central AC and window units. Central AC is an excellent way to cool the entire home through use of different vents, while window units are restricted to cooling one room at a time. Window units are also less powerful than central AC. These two are part of your HVAC system and play a big role in maintaining the heat and cool elements of your furnace throughout the year.

Natural gas furnaces make up many HVAC systems as a means of heating the home. You will typically find furnaces installed in areas such as the basement or crawl spaces, or in rooms with cooler temperatures.

Heat pumps are all-inclusive to central heating. It comes either as a split system or all in one package. A package heat pump will come all together and is usually kept outside; however, a split system will generally have the coil positioned inside the house while the rest of the unit is outside.

Your AC and HVAC system, as you can tell, are all part of the same model, and work together to provide efficient air quality and an overall positive environment for your home. But your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance by a professional. You may regularly change your AC filter and feel that is doing the job. However, regular HVAC maintenance requires a professional to look in-depth at the unit, both inside and outside of your home, to prevent future issues with air quality.

No Two Are Alike

When finding the right air conditioning unit for your home, you’ll notice that no two homes are the same. Some homes will have different heating and cooling requirements than others due to the size of the home and where it’s located. That being said, what type of AC do you currently have in your home? Perhaps you’re considering an upgrade or going for a full central air system. So if you only have an AC window unit, you most likely don’t know how energy-efficient and cost-effective central air is for your home. Not only will you be equally regulating the temperature of every room and hallway, but central air works well with your HVAC system to provide better air quality.

It gets pretty hot and humid in Florida, especially in the Southern parts. Before you buy anything AC related, start looking into “AC maintenance near me,” and give the Air Temp professionals a call to determine which type of unit is right for you.

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