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What Does HVAC Service Include?

Sure, you’re familiar with basic HVAC care like AC unit cleaning and filter changes. But what if you need assistance with something more complicated, like your heat pump or indoor air filtration system? These services are just a small portion of what accompanies an HVAC service. From yearly cleaning to reinstallation and even UV lighting, when you’re thinking “HVAC services near me,” these can include a variety of maintenance needs based on your home’s unique environment. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that make up a traditional service.

AC Maintenance

Let’s begin with your AC unit, because it’s a popular home element during the hot summer months. Your AC unit is more than just a cooling system; it provides the air quality in your home. So it’s important to keep your unit in tip-top shape with regular maintenance, not just maintenancing it when something goes wrong. You may or may not recognize the signals that warn you when AC complications occur, so regular professional maintenance will catch those mishaps before they end up costing you.

Check for Damage

The hookups to your HVAC system wear down over time, especially if it’s an older home with an older system. An expert HVAC contractor will check the heating and cooling system for proper balance in your commercial space or home. They’ll inspect the circuits and safety controls for misreadings and check for faulty wiring. They will also replace filters, if needed. You may not know automatically if the filters in your AC unit need cleaning or changing. Unchecked filters left for too long will cause damage to your entire unit. It’s also recommended to have an outdoor inspection to clear debris and dirt from the outdoor HVAC unit. Because the weather can be unpredictable, a fan assessment should be conducted as well. The blades and fan on the motor should be checked for damage and be replaced if necessary.

Thermostat/Electrical Regulation

Each thorough visit should ensure that thermostat settings are at a comfortable temperature when you’re home, while being at an energy conserving range when you’re not home. All connections and plugs should be secure as well. If readings are off even slightly, it could be a thermostat or electrical issue.

All Systems Go

You as the homeowner aren’t expected to know the signs and signals of a faulty system; however, you should be aware of some general signals. It’s important that a handy technician confirms that your system begins, runs, and shuts off correctly.

For an efficiently working system, the technician will examine the condensate drain to ensure there is no obstruction or clogg. Sometimes lubrication is needed for the reduction of resistance, which helps save on energy costs. A technician should examine all parts of the HVAC system and apply lubricant where necessary.

Educating Home or Business Owners

While we are the experts who you rely on when you’re searching “HVAC services near me,” we also educate you about your home or business HVAC needs. We educate you so you can identify a problem. Next to calling a professional, education is the best way to prevent major issues with your HVAC system. Each time you need a service or a yearly HVAC check up, you’ll see firsthand what we’re looking for in a well-maintained system. We’ll check outdoors as well as inside, and inform you of any signs that you should be aware of.

Your HVAC system plays an important role in your home. Don’t wait until something is wrong to get your routine inspection. AirTemp is a licensed team with years of hands-on experience in all of your HVAC needs. Contact our office today to schedule your routine service.

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