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When to Call For Home Air Conditioner Repair

One weekend night with a malfunctioning air conditioner in the heat of the Florida summer is about all it takes to show new homeowners how critical their AC unit is for comfort. These nights are almost inevitable for property owners. But, the suffering doesn’t have to last long and can even be avoided if you know what problems to be on the lookout for and when to call for home air conditioner repair

The air just won’t cool 

If you’ve noticed that it just doesn’t feel very cool in your home, that might be the first sign it’s time to call air conditioner repair. If your system is struggling to achieve the temperature you set, as long as it’s a reasonable expectation of the system, it might be smart to pick up the phone and call the pros. In addition, if you notice any pipes coming outside of your system covered in ice, that’s another indication that your system is overtaxed and needs a professional inspection. 

Strange noises that mean it’s time to call air conditioning repair

If your AC unit is making any noises that it doesn’t normally make, it might be a good time to have the system checked out. Problematic noises could include rattling, knocking, squealing, or grinding metal, are all surefire indications that a problem is afoot. A knowledgeable and experienced technician can probably reasonably diagnose the problem pretty quickly and get things fixed before bigger problems arise.   

Bad smells also call for air conditioning repair

A well functioning air conditioner should do so with little odor at all. If you smell any burning, electrical smells, or other unpleasant smells, you should contact the pros right away. Abnormal smells coming from the unit could indicate serious problems that require a professional’s diagnosis and repair.  

If your unit is blowing warm air

If you try as you might and your air conditioner unit will only blow warm air, you likely have an HVAC problem. Only a trained technician can diagnose what that problem might be. If you’re experiencing this, don’t waste any time or the scenario where an ignored problem might get worse. Call in your dependable air conditioning repair techs for an inspection. 

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