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Problems That Require Air Conditioning Repair

It’s a common scenario. It’s the hottest day on record and it happens to be a Sunday. It feels as hot or hotter inside as it does outside. You head over to your thermostat and based on the numbers, it shouldn’t feel so hot. You inspect further and there seems to be a problem with your AC unit. This and other common problems below are signs that you need air conditioning repair. 

A non working AC

If when you inspect your AC unit, you see no activity at all, you’ll need help from an air conditioning repair. It could be something as simple as a blown fuse, or more complicated like broken wiring, or malfunctioning components within the unit. The great news is that a pro will be able to spot the problem quickly, establish the needed fix, and cool you off soon.   

I spy frozen parts

If your AC isn’t behaving like it should, and upon inspection you see any wires or parts that appear frozen, that’s a sure sign it’s time to call the pros. Ice forming on any part of your machine could point to a problem with the refrigerant levels, an issue with your air filters, or an obstruction in your duct work. The solution to any of these problems requires the assistance of an air conditioning repair Port St. Lucie pro.   

A noisy unit

An AC unit should operate in a fairly quiet fashion. That said, if you hear any unusual clanging, banging, grinding, or metal gnashing, that is a good sign that you might want to call in your trusted AC repairman for a thorough inspection and diagnosis of the problem. Noises in your unit can point to a host of issues and it takes a trained professional to pinpoint what is causing it and make it go away fast.  

Duct work

The duct work in your home is the system that delivers cool air from the AC unit to the various rooms. If you’re noticing that one or two rooms are much warmer than others, or that all the rooms are much warmer than they should be, that could signal an problem or obstruction within the duct system. A professional can thoroughly inspect the system and identify the exact culprit faster than you can say “I love my air conditioner.”

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