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Times Your Might Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner problems love to wait until the weekend to show their face. Weekend calls typically mean higher rates paid by homeowners. It’s hard to know what constitutes an AC emergency and when a problem can wait until normal business hours. Well here’s a definitive working list of situations that signal you might need emergency air conditioning repair in Port St. Lucie

Situation No. 1 that requires emergency air conditioning repair

If your air conditioner has stopped working completely, that’s probably a situation that calls for emergency air conditioning repair. If you’ve noticed that your machine isn’t running and that there is no cool air flowing through your home, that’s a sure fire sign that you’ve found yourself in this exact scenario. Living in south Florida with no air conditioner can be miserable. So, the time is right to call in the pros for expert diagnosis and repair.   

And if there’s water damage too

If your air conditioner is creating water damage in your home, that’s another absolute sign that emergency air conditioning repair is required. Excess water inside your home can grow mold in less than 24 hours and clogged AC drains, or frozen coils could easily and quickly send copious amounts of water right into your home.   

Another situation requiring emergency air conditioning repair

If your air conditioning system is causing electrical damage of any sort, it’s time to call in the emergency pros. If you notice your ac is tripping your main breaker over and over, creating a burning smell, or affecting the lights in your home, waste not time making the call. These situations could give rise to fire in your home which would be far more catastrophic than the impact of an after hours call to an AC repair company.   

The benefits of having a repair company on speed dial

If you’re new to homeownership, you’ll quickly realize it’s wise to do your homework well before there is any emergency at hand. Find reputable options for fixing the major systems of your house like the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, before you need them. That way, when something happens, you’ll rest easy knowing exactly where to go for the solution. 

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