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4 Reasons to Have AC Air Duct Cleaning

We rarely think about our HVAC system or the ducts that carry warm or cool air from the appliance to every room in our house. We might change the air filter each month, and based on what we see collected there, we might wonder what’s collecting further up the system. If this sounds like a concern you have, you might want to consider having AC air duct cleaning in Port St. Lucie and here’s a few more reasons why. 

A big reason to have AC air duct cleaning

Mold. It’s a terrifying word that stops a lot of people in their tracks and it could be growing in your HVAC system. The system creates condensation and one of the main components needed for the proliferation of mold is moisture. But have no fear, it’s nothing that an AC air duct cleaning in can’t clear up.   

Is your house dusty?

If the answer to that question is a resounding yes, there’s a good chance you could benefit from an AC air duct cleaning. Look closely at the vents that are delivering conditioned air into the room. If they’re collecting dust, there’s a good chance your ducts are filled with the stuff. Another key element to controlling the dust in your home is to frequently change your AC filter.  

If your bug guy says too

When your bug guy comes around regularly, it’s smart to ask him to look closely for signs of pests near the air conditioning vents and returns in each room. If he spots signs of bugs living in the dicts, you should make the call to arrange for a thorough duct cleaning. The last thing you want is for a colony of bugs to make a home where they definitely weren’t invited. 

Recent renovations call for AC air duct cleaning

If your home is brand new construction or you recently undertook a major renovation, it’s a good idea to have your duct work professionally cleaned. The construction process inside of a house typically includes working with sheetrock. This part of the job produces a fine dust that gets into every nook and cranny, even your ducts. 

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