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Steps for Air Conditioning Installation

Imagine, for a moment, life in Florida without air conditioners. Sure, generations before lived without them. But these days, we can’t even imagine how that’s possible. If your existing AC has seen better days and you’re eyeing a new machine, here’s what you can expect from air conditioning installation

Removal of old system

The first step during air conditioning installation is the removal of the old unit. You might think this just includes the unit outside, but it probably means more than that. If you’re replacing it with a similar model, technicians might be able to utilize existing connections that run from the unit to your house. If you’re replacing it with a much different model, that might not be the case. 

New system installation

Once the old system has been removed, it’s time to bringin the new one. Technicians will get the unit in place and then begin the arduous process of connecting it to the house. This process will likely include many trips inside and outside by the crew and could take a while until the unit is connected and ready for testing.   

Inspection and testing for installation

Once a unit is in place, the installation crew will conduct testing to make sure that everything is in proper working order. Depending on what they find, they might spend the next bit making adjustments to the machine and it’s connections. The more time they spend inspecting and testing the unit, the less likely you are to have problems with it once they’re long gone.  

Checks and maintenance plan

Once the checks are over, you should have a discussion with the AC company about a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans are definitely not a waste of money. Having regular, well-trained eyes on your unit goes a long way to ensuring that you have a trouble-free, uninterrupted air conditioned future. 

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