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Signs You Might Need Emergency AC Repair

Could you imagine life without your AC? As a homeowner you’ll want to do whatever you can to make sure it remains in good working order and avoid emergency AC repair. It’s good to know what to look for and here are a few signs that you might want to call in a professional.

Noises probably mean emergency AC repair

If your AC unit is screeching, screaming, grinding, squeaking, buzzing, or banging around, chances are you probably need emergency AC repair. Noises don’t necessarily indicate a giant, costly problem. But there’s a good chance that if you don’t have an expert come in to diagnose the problem, it can quickly become a much bigger one. If your AC is making any noises that it doesn’t usually make, waste no time and call in a professional service company today. 

Nothing but hot air

If your air conditioner is failing to produce any cold air, that’s another sign that emergency AC repair might be in your future. The unit can start producing hot air for a number of reasons including a lack of coolant, restricted airflow, or a compressor problem. If you’ve adjusted the thermostat with no change, and you’re positive the unit is switched to the cooling mode, then you might want to make the call for an inspection and repair.   

Water leaks are not your friend

If you notice any place where water is pooling or leaking from your AC unit, it’s definitely time to have an AC professional look at your unit. While your AC does produce condensation during operation, it shouldn’t produce pools of water and if you see that happening there’s a chance that it’s not functioning properly. The bad thing about water leaks is all the other damage that they can do to your home well beyond the AC unit.


Air conditioners should operate without producing any kind of smell. And if you start smelling something unusual in your home and suspect that it could be coming from your AC unit, you’ll want to act quickly. The fix could be as simple as a thorough cleaning and tune up by a trained professional.

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