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Spring Into Action – Your HVAC Checklist For Spring

Although warmer climates don’t see cold weather all too often, we certainly see our share of harsh winds, heavy rain, and electrical storms. All of that sun and salty sea air can leave harsh stains and residue on your system and even the outside of your home; and it’s not always easy to maintain. Prepare your HVAC system for the summer months by going over this spring checklist to keep it running efficiently and safely throughout the warmer months.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor HVAC unit, you will want to take special care before you go over this check list. Not all units are the same and should always be handled according to the instruction manual. If you don’t have your manual or maybe you’re not familiar with who installed the unit installed in your home, call a local HVAC expert right away.

A Clean System is a Working System

Clean, Clean, Clean. This is pretty standard and simple maintenance to perform. Although most HVAC systems are different from one another, you can pretty much clean or replace your filters without hassle. Again, your manual will guide you as to where the filter is located and what type of filter to purchase. For outdoor units, you will want to check for debris and dust around and inside the cabinet. Check for drain opening restriction and clean out blockage as necessary, and check the coil and cabinet for cleanliness.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Inspect the blower assembly, such as the motor and blower wheel, and clean when needed. You may also find that it requires some lubrication or a fan replacement. Outdoor units need love, too! Some old units may need more than one application of lubrication while you are checking for blade breakage and fan wear and tear.

The Control Unit

You will want to inspect the control box, wiring and connections, and associated controls for debris and dust or odd noise. Outdoor units need to be examined for damage to the compressor or associated tubing. The control boxes for the outdoor units have many accessories that need to be maintained. Wiring, circuit boards, relays, capacitor, and sump heat are all major components that often fall victim to harsh weather.

When It’s Time for a Replacement

When a simple cleaning just won’t push clean air through or you are finding too many issues along the way, maybe it’s time to invest in something new. You don’t want to get stuck during the boiling summer temperatures with a broken HVAC system. If your furnace, boiler, or HVAC system is 10-20 years old, it’s time for a new system. When you invest in an efficient heating and cooling system, you are saving yourself at least 20 percent on costs per month. If you have performed the annual update to your system but you are still finding it disperses warmer or uneven air throughout your home, it could be an older model; it’s time to upgrade. It could just be duct or inadequate installation, so have a professional contractor make the determination. If you are still finding yourself performing these basic repairs and maintenance tricks more than twice a year, call a professional today. They can give you the best estimate on a new system that will fit your budget.

Are you ready to spring into the new season with a fresh start, clean home, and cleaner air? Look no further than the trusted and honest team at AirTemp Air Conditioning for all of your installation and HVAC repairs.

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