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How to maintain the health of your heat pump system

Your heating pump is responsible for many important household functions, such as the cooling of AC units and supplying hot and cold water. When proper care is taken, you can have a well-oiled and energy-efficient heat pump. Neglecting to maintain even the slightest element of your heat pump can create poor airflow throughout your home or, worse, a broken system. It’s best to leave the technical maintenance to the professionals, however, these helpful tips and tricks will remind you to perform a simple cleaning before it becomes a bigger problem.

Responsibilities of a heat pump system

If you love soaking in the heated pool at night or sitting in cool air in your office on a hot and humid day, you can see why it’s important to have an efficient running heat pumping system. Your heat pump system operates a range of accessories that you rely on daily and keeps an equivalent temperature throughout the house, moving the heat rather than generating it. You will notice three different types of heat pumps: geothermal, air-to-air, and water source. They concentrate the heat from the air, the ground outside, and from the water, and then bring it inside. Depending on the season, you want your home to have an efficient and even cooling air flow throughout your home. If you’re experiencing one room being noticeably warmer than the others, call your local contractor for an inspection.

Keeping a Clean Heat Pump

An expert is always the first person you should contact when you have heat pump system issues, however, there are ways you can be constructive beforehand when it comes to the basic cleaning. These tips will save you from an even larger problem later on.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Always check your system’s manual before performing any maintenance. If you have questions regarding the make and model, contact your local expert. The easiest way to maintain the health of your heat pump system is to change your filters at least once a month. Depending on the air quality in your home and heat pump system, you should check your filters often. When build up occurs, it gathers excess dust and allergies and can affect your breathing and eventually cause over-heating in the unit. A monthly filter change is a must to keep clean air.

Check your Vents

Even your supply vents and registers get clogged with dirt and dust. You will need to check and clean them often as well as fix bent or broken fins if needed. Locate your outdoor unit and take care of any dust or dirt that may be gathering there. The outdoor coils can build up quickly, causing malfunctions within your unit if it goes unnoticed.

When you need professional help

Oftentimes you could follow the guidelines to maintain a healthy heat pump system and something still isn’t right. By now, you should be familiar with the sounds and scents surrounding your home but there are a few sounds that should urge immediate professional attention. Gurgling, grinding, and hissing sounds are not normal and could be the cause of overheating in the air handler or bubbles in the refrigerant line that leads to a leak within the system. Should you feel a drop in temperature while your unit is on, this problem prompts immediate expert assistance. This could be the cause of ice build on your heat pump, causing a ‘drop out’ (drop in temperature).

If you’ve been taking great care of your heat pump system, clean the coils and vents, and kept excessive dirt at bay but you still seem to have mechanical problems, the experts at Air Temp will know what to do. Call us today for trusty-worthy assistance and support!

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