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Can My HVAC System Make Me Sick?

Your HVAC system is responsible for cooling your home and keeping you comfortable. When it’s working properly, your whole house is an equal temperature. However, should there be a problem, your HVAC system has a certain way of showing you. And if your HVAC system is in poor condition, you could experience poor home air quality that can affect your overall health.

It is noted that people who work in air-conditioned offices are more likely to have respiratory issues. This is even the case with homeowners that frequently use their air conditioning unit.

Your HVAC unit is supposed to cool you off and prevent mold and excessive humidity so why is it making you sick? Let’s take a look at some of the examples that go unnoticed.

Neglected Drain Pans and Leaks

Your air conditioning unit has a drain pan that runs excess condensation through the back and removes excess water and moisture through a small pipe outside of the home. Sometimes unnoticed leaks or clogs can occur within the pipe, causing excess water and backup into the walls, attic or any room in your home. And if you’re not aware of the leak, water damage can be pretty costly and hazardous to your health.

Neglected HVAC maintenance

If you can’t recall the last time you had your air conditioner maintenanced by a professional, perhaps it’s time to call a HVAC service in Port St Lucie! A yearly AC tune-up is absolutely essential to ensure clean home air quality. Not just for the health benefits of you, your family and your home, but for the quality of your AC unit overall. Neglected HVAC systems will eventually wear out and cause problems for the rest of the unit, which can lead to extremely costly repairs.

How to Tell if Your AC Unit is Making You Sick

There are a few ways to tell If your HVAC unit is causing sickness. For instance, if you leave your home or workplace for an extended period of time and your symptoms are relieved over that time period, that’s a good indication of HVAC induced sickness. Chances are it’s the build-up of dirt and residue from an uncleanly unit and needs to be cleaned right away or replaced, if necessary.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your HVAC system! Call a professional team that specializes in servicing HVAC units and installations as soon as possible. Airtemp Air Conditioning is a certified team of professionals that specializes in HVAC repair in Port St Lucie and the surrounding areas. For 24 hour AC repair in Port St Lucie or emergency air conditioner cleanups, they have what it takes to provide quality repair for all AC models. Contact the team today for your up-to-date HVAC maintenance!

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