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3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump works to keep your entire home comfortable throughout the year, from your AC unit to your refrigeration system. But you should be aware of the warning signs when heat pump repair is needed.

It’s Stuck!

This is an obvious sign that you need HVAC repair for your heat pump in Port St. Lucie. You’ll know right away on a hot and humid day if your heat pump isn’t working right because it won’t be efficiently cooling your home. It’s likely the reversing valve may be the problem. This is the result of the heat pump remaining in one mode.

Performance Reduction

Quality Air Flow is what makes your air pump work and keep your home at a steady temperature. But if something is blocking the air flow, such as pollutants in your air quality at home, this will immediately reduce the airflow. The only way to determine whether this is the case is to have an expert in AC repair in Port St Lucie take an in-depth look at your system.

It’s Noisy!

Your heat pump is introduced to hot and cold temperatures often which causes metal expansion and contraction, leading to various noises. Uncommonly, popping noises will occur. Your pump will sound as if it’s running. However, whistling, rattling, or humming noises are not normal. Carefully take note of what noise your system is making to determine if you need to have your heat pump looked at by a professional.

Hidden Signs

There will be instances when you’re unsure if you need a new heat pump, it just needs repair or you need maintenance. Perhaps you have had an experienced AC repair service in Port St Lucie come to take a look at your heat pump a month ago and it was fine.  If you noticed a significant change in your energy bill, this could be due to the insufficiency of your heat pump. No one wants a higher energy bill every month. Your heat pump should push out a consistent flow of air. If you notice a low amount being distributed, this is a sign of a compressor or refrigerant leak and requires immediate assistance. Another hidden sign would be the age of your heat pump. Perhaps it was there when you bought the house and you really never paid too much attention to the age. An old heat pump system will eventually stop working so it’s best to have an expert contractor make that determination.

Your HVAC system plays a huge role in the functionality of life in your home. It’s important to maintain the quality of your system and pay attention to signs for when it’s time to call a professional. Air Temp Air Conditioning service in Port St Lucie provides round the clock service, performs AC maintenance, and specializes in new and replacement units. Give them a call today to get that heat pump or AC unit examined!

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