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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

At Air Temp Air Conditioning, we know how important it is to have reliable air conditioning all year round to survive Florida’s warm, humid temperatures. You depend on your air conditioning, and when it suddenly stops working, it can become a huge inconvenience. It does not take long, particularly during the summer months, to feel the effects of a Port Saint Lucie home with no cooling system.

Air conditioners are complex mechanical systems, which unfortunately means there are a number of reasons they might stop cooling. Often, however, a handful of common problems are to blame over and over again. Below, three likely reasons your air conditioner has stopped working are discussed in greater detail:

There is a problem with your thermostat

A lack of cold air can often indicate a problem with your air conditioning unit, but sometimes, a more simple culprit is to blame — your thermostat! If your air conditioning shuts off and your house starts warming up, we encourage you to first look at your thermostat. Check for problems such as blank/unresponsive screens or units set to “on” instead of “auto.” It is possible your air conditioning problem can be solved with a quick, DIY fix such as flipping a thermostat switch.

Your outside condenser unit is dirty or damaged

As the name implies, your air conditioning’s outside condenser unit is outside in the elements. Being out in nature makes the condenser unit susceptible to damage or debris, and it is important to perform regular preventative maintenance on your condenser unit to prolong the life of your air conditioning. If your air conditioning has suddenly stopped cooling and your thermostat appears to be functioning normally, checking your outside condenser unit should be one of  the next things you do.

In Port St. Lucie, we are surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery — but this greeney is likely growing around the condenser unit and interfering with its ability to function. When inspecting your condenser unit, check for this natural debris, such as grass, weeds, or leaves, as well as potential man-made hazards such as trash or newspaper. Cut or remove foliage around the unit if possible, and lightly rinse the unit with a light-pressure garden hose. Do not forcefully spray the unit with water, as you will risk damaging or bending the cage around the unit. Performing a simple cleaning like this at least annually will help protect your condenser unit.

Your air filter is dirty or damaged

Even the highest-quality air filters are not designed to last forever, and regularly cleaning and replacing your air conditioner’s filter is key to extending the life of the system. Dirty air filters reduce or altogether stop the flow of cool air, leaving your home at risk for becoming overheated. Make a point to inspect your air filter every 30 days, and do not delay when replacements are needed. Air conditioning filters in a typical home with several occupants should be replaced about every three months — and more often if you have pets or are prone to allergies. Air filter replacements are inexpensive and relatively simple to install, which means you can keep your home cool and pleasant all year long.

At Air Temp Air Conditioning, our licensed and insured professionals are ready to assist with all your air conditioning needs. While there are some simple fixes that can be completed on your own, many repairs require a thorough professional assessment. If your air conditioner has stopped cooling and you need relief today, we can provide knowledgeable representatives available for same-day service. For home air conditioner repair in Port St. Lucie, call us today at (772) 905-3407.

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