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Unlock Increased Air Conditioner Performance With Preventative Maintenance

A broken-down air-conditioning unit is one of the worst things that can happen during summer, especially because that’s also when repair personnel have the busiest schedules. Preventative maintenance is the unsung hero of staying cool in the summer heat, and it’s best done year-round. Aside from ensuring your home stays cool, preventative air conditioner maintenance can provide many other essential benefits that contribute to your home’s comfort and the health and longevity of the unit.

A Life Extension for Your Air Conditioner

Let’s face it, air conditioning units are expensive, and squeezing as much longevity as possible out of your existing unit makes economic sense. When you have your air conditioning inspected regularly and tuned up, the unit will experience fewer effects from wear and tear over time.

The extra attention will extend the life span of your air conditioning equipment. Maintenance tasks like cleaning and replacing air filters seem minor, but clogged filters strain the system. Preventative maintenance allows your unit to continue operating at peak efficiency and optimal performance for the long run.

Improvements in Energy Usage

When you have your air conditioner maintained regularly, it works more efficiently. The unit will consume less energy while it operates, resulting in lower energy bills. Maintenance such as cleaning the coils and properly calibrating the thermostat contribute to its efficiency and energy savings over time.

Improved Air Quality

Preventative maintenance includes cleaning and sanitizing your air conditioner’s components. This action promotes healthier air indoors and keeps your family in better health. Regular checkups help keep your air conditioning unit free of dust, mold, and other accumulating dirt and debris. This preventative cleaning can make a difference in minimizing respiratory issues for you and other occupants of your home.

Saving Money

Preventative maintenance minimizes the chance of your air conditioning breaking down and requiring costly emergency repairs. In some cases, the unit can have a minor issue that allows it to work at a reduced level. You may not notice much difference except for minor problems like air that doesn’t seem as cool or uneven temperature zones in different rooms.

However, minor issues can become more significant problems without regular inspections and periodic maintenance. Something as simple as a dirty, clogged filter can rob the unit of the airflow it needs to operate, placing additional stress on the mechanisms. For safety, the air conditioner unit’s power circuit is designed to trip and cut its power if it cannot work as intended. However, using an overburdened, poorly maintained unit can result in permanent damage and require purchasing a new unit when you least expect this kind of financial hit.

Preventative Maintenance for the Win!

Regular maintenance is more than just a gift to your air conditioning system. It also benefits your budget and your family’s well-being. Schedule an AC inspection and maintenance for your Port Saint Lucie, FL home with our technicians at Air Temp Air Conditioning, Inc. so you can continue enjoying savings and cooling comfort.

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