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Top 5 Air Purifiers for your Home

Top 5 Air Purifiers for your Home

Proper air quality for your home is essential for healthy breathing. From sleeping at night to airborne allergens that like to fester during a mid-summer’s day, you and your family deserve to breathe easy no matter what season. Not only will you notice a physical and healthful difference in your home, if you have pets, you can rid any allergens that they may carry as well. Whether you’re considering installing a home purifier or would like an upgrade, these top 5 air purifiers will introduce you to the key benefits that come with owning a home purifier.

Negative Ion-

This device uses negative ions, a chemical injection, to purify the air. Negative and positive ions are natural particles that charge (negatively or positively) by gaining or losing an electron. In other words, the negative ions attract particles and dust in the air, causing the particles to become too heavy to stay in the air, and then gravitating to another source (walls or windows). This is can be a good thing because the allergens and dust that are being captured by the ions are actually removing them from the air; however, it doesn’t have the ability to completely absorb the allergen. A hearty once a week cleaning will rid most of those allergens that aren’t absorbed.

HEPA Technology

HEPA or High Efficient Particulate Air filters can catch pollutants and particles that are unseen to the eye. It also filters bacteria and mold and is one of safest air purifiers because it doesn’t generate harmful byproducts or ozone into the air as it cleans. The HEPA filter will typically last 2 to 4 years and creates a sanitary environment in your home. This filter is made up of several accordion shaped layers that create a maze to filter the allergens and pollutants. Each hour the filter recycles the air through and once the filter is full, it will no longer generate clean air and need to be replaced. Take into consideration that large particles cannot pass through the filter and will most likely get caught right away but small particles pass through this three-way system. Also the HEPA does not filter odors through the air. In conclusion, the HEPA purifier will do a hefty cleaning in your home and will seem like your best option for a thorough cleaning.

Activated Carbon Technology

Activated carbon process is made up of a larger porous surface that allows for high absorption than most air purifiers. So, any odor, smoke, gas, allergens, and pollutants will get soaked up right away and will not get released back into the air, unlike other filters. Oftentimes, carpets, wood furniture, and certain fabrics have formaldehyde in them, exposing these toxins to babies, those with weakened immune systems, and people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). This air purifier will completely eliminate those harmful chemicals and their entirety.

UV Technology

This means of purifying the air is the most common and you will usually notice it being used in conjunction with other air filters because it doesn’t thoroughly rid the air of airborne allergens and chemicals. However, this purifier is excellent for killing bacteria and viruses with its UV rays. A handy and perfect addition to any home.

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