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HVAC Repair: The Resource List

Anyone who owns an HVAC system will likely run into issues that require a bit of knowledge. You’ll need to know when to call the professionals and how to identify a problem. Keep up with the maintenance of your HVAC to avoid problems with this list of tools you need to keep you ahead of the game. Before jumping to the worst case scenario, this simple HVAC resource list will help you identify the problems and prompt you when it’s time to get in touch with the professionals.

Signals Crossed

Is your air conditioning refusing to turn on? The most likely cause is because it isn’t receiving the right signals or it isn’t turned on. The simplest way to troubleshoot this issue is to be sure that your thermostat has power. Be sure that your thermostat is effectively set below or above the setting you desire. Also, check your system’s breakers in case you have a blown or flipped fuse and correct the issue. Check the outdoor condenser unit and indoor air handlers in case the switch has been turned off accidentally. Crossed signals happen and can easily be misinterpreted as something major. If you’re unsure if the issue is caused by crossed signals within your unit, it’s best to call us, your local HVAC service in Port St. Lucie.

Outdoor/Indoor Maintenance

You resource repair list requires a thorough inspection of both outdoor and indoor sections of your HVAC system. Sometimes, a good HVAC tune-up requires a simple dusting or cleaning of leaves and debris. Some homeowners may not be aware to inspect the outside of their unit and often have issues.

Air Flow/Quality

When there is no air or low cool/warm air coming through, you will most likely be experiencing a leak or blockage within the unit. You may want to troubleshoot your system. Troubleshooting your system means replacing filters or checking your ducts to be sure they haven’t fallen out of line or are disconnected. This is a simple fix; however, if you’re not familiar with the unit itself, it’s best to have the hand of a HVAC services in Port St. Lucie. They will ensure that your unit is safety connected so you can go back to a well air conditioned home.

When All Else Fails

So you’ve tried troubleshooting and all of the above steps to get your air flow working and it’s still not producing quality airflow. It’s time to get in touch with your service professionals. Your daily life depends on comfortable, consistent airflow throughout your home.

In the event you need AC repair in Port St. Lucie, it’s best to call a local professional. Even a general inspection form a service professional will save you time and money. Contact the HVAC pros at AirTemp Air Conditioning today!

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