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Five Signs It’s Time to Call an AC Repair Service

You might be a DIY connoisseur and the fix it yourself type, but there are some situations it’s best to call in a professional. If you think your air conditioner is acting up, this is one of those times. Whether you need a replacement or just an AC repair service, these are the signs to look out for to keep your Port St. Lucie home cool and comfortable. 

Not Cool Enough

This is the most obvious sign that you need to call the AC repair company. If your unit is not producing cold air, it could need replacing or just routine maintenance. You can extend the life of your AC unit by quite a bit simply by doing annual recommended check-ups. When the cold air stops flowing in your home, call the AC repair company right away to prevent further damage. 

Moisture in the Ducts 

Moisture inside the ducts of your home means humidity is leaking in. This could be caused by faulty parts, leaky ductwork or an improperly functioning unit. Moisture in your AC ducts is reason enough to give the AC repair professionals a call, they can assess the situation and determine how to fix it fast. 

Strange Smells 

If you smell musty blasts of air coming from your AC unit, it’s an indicator that you might be dealing with mold. Call the AC repair service right away so they can prevent the spread of it into your home. A metallic or burning smell could mean burnt insulation or wiring, which also calls for a professionals help. 

Strange Noises 

An abnormally loud buzzing or high-pitched squealing or screeching coming from your AC unit could mean loose connectors or a stuck object interfering with the fan. Call an HVAC company before there is significant damage caused to your AC. 

Spiked Energy Bill 

Air conditioning can use a good amount of energy, especially here in Florida. However, a sudden spike in your bills could indicate that your system isn’t working the way it needs to be. A repair is oftentimes enough to get your unit functioning properly, but if your system is old, an upgrade might be in order. A newer high-efficiency air conditioner can reduce energy use by 20%. 

When in doubt, have an air conditioning repair service take a look at your AC system. While you have them, be sure to schedule your annual maintenance check-ups, best done in spring and fall. A little maintenance goes a long way! If you are in need of AC repair or unit replacement call Air Temp Air Conditioning at 772-905-3407 for all your AC and HVAC needs. 

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