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7 Holiday Favorites That Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your home can be worse than the air outside because pollutants are denser in confined spaces. The dense air is closer to the ground during fall and winter and gathers more debris. Sometimes, the things you do during the holidays can worsen your indoor air quality.

1. Dusty Home Decorations

You probably store your holiday decorations in the attic, basement, or garage, where they accumulate dust. Bringing the decorations into your home releases dust and other debris into the air. Wiping the items down with a damp cloth or storing them in airtight bins can prevent issues with your air quality.

2. Halloween Decorations

Many Halloween decorations are plastic and can absorb toxic gases in the factory. These decorations can then off-gas when they’re brought into your house. An air purifier can help when bringing Halloween decorations into your home.

3. Christmas Trees

Your Christmas tree is probably the center of your indoor holiday decorations, but it can lower your indoor air quality. A real tree is better than a manufactured one, but pollen from the tree can cause issues for people with allergies. You can make a live tree better for your indoor air quality by hosing it off to remove any pollen and mold, and then bringing it indoors once it’s dry.

4. Cooking and Cleaning

The holidays bring about a lot of cooking and cleaning. Cooking and cleaning releases particulates, odors, and gases into the air, and this increases with the number of guests you expect for the holidays. Cooking on an outdoor grill or cleaning with soap and water instead of chemical cleaners can help improve your indoor air quality.

5. Wood-Burning Fireplaces

You probably think about the crackling wood of a fireplace or use a wood-burning stove as the weather gets cooler. Burning wood can lower your indoor air quality and may even worsen asthma attacks. Using split, covered, and dried wood can be a better option.

6. Scented Candles

Scented candles or fragrances are common to use during the holidays, but they can release particles into the air as they burn. Scented candles can even hurt your indoor air quality when they’re not lit because of their synthetic nature and dyes. Some ways to keep the holiday feeling alive include using potpourri or essential oils instead.

7. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can brighten your home for your guests during the holidays, and you may hear they’re better for indoor air quality.
However, bringing plants indoors also has the danger of triggering allergies in people or pets.

Sometimes, fall and winter decorations can worsen indoor air quality, which may cause respiratory issues. Think about the things you do every holiday to keep your home safe for your guests. If you have questions about your indoor air quality or whole-house-air-purification in Port Saint Lucie, FL, call us at Air Temp Air Conditioning, Inc.

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