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4 Common Myths About Air Purifiers

In the United States, it is estimated that one in every five people suffers from allergies and asthma. Some allergies are easy to tackle and can be avoided by not eating certain things, whereas some people who are allergic to animals like cats and dogs start avoiding them, but what is a person to do if they are suffering from air allergy? You can’t just stop breathing!

The one thing that we do on regular basis is (obviously) breathe. When we breathe, we are involuntarily introducing outside air into our body that is unknowingly affecting us. Recently, a research survey found that apart from oxygen there’s much more entering our bodies.

Eyeing this like an eagle, brands have launched expensive air purifiers and other gadgets. They are also running their campaigns to educate people about air purifiers but the question is DO AIR PURIFIERS REALLY WORK?

As we all know, it’s a tough job to convince people about the usefulness of a product that is entirely new in the market. An air purifier does create a difference in your home and you can feel it as well -but in this article, you’ll hear several myths about Air Purifiers.

Here are 4 most common myths about Air Purifiers:

  • Indoor Air Purifiers are Useless:-One might have heard that indoor air purifiers are useless, as it has no way to control outdoor air quality. Let us set the record straight, the air pollution inside a room is at a higher level than it is outdoors. This is mainly because of dust, smoke from cooking, incense sticks, etc. A person spends less time on the road, and most of the time we stay inside our homes and offices. Thus, we should be more concerned about indoor air quality than outside, as we experience more pollution inside our homes.
  • Air Purifiers doesn’t work when doors and windows are open:-Actually, air purifiers’ works more effectively when doors and windows are wide open as the circulation of fresh air helps in eliminating dust particles faster. You can also slow down the fan of air purifiers when the doors and windows are open. One can witness the change in the air quality of the home after installing an air purifier.
  • Air Purifiers are Odour Killers:-Air purifiers are meant to trap particles not to eliminate odor. If you want to remove the odor from your home with the help of air purifiers, you should opt for a different air purifier with different technology. While buying an air purifier, one must understand that certain activated carbon filters are only designed to kill bacteria that is present in the air and do not eliminate the odor from the air.
  • Air Conditioner rooms don’t need Air Purifiers:-Air conditioners have nothing to do with air purifiers. Air purifiers purify the air and an air conditioner again has dust pollutants in its coil. Therefore, Air conditioners are entirely ineffective against dust pollutants.
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